Estudio del periodo Q3,2011 de sedo de dominios (ingles)

Sedo,the leading domain name marketplace and monetisation provider revealed the results of its Quarterly Domain Market Study for Q3,2011 .Sedo reported a total of 9,778 sales globally amounting £12,000,000 in sales volume. You can read Sedo’s Quarterly Domain Market Study after the jump:

«At of the end of Q3 2011, Sedo’s Domain Marketplace went through a number of improvements, including updates to our homepage, a revamp of the Parking Reports section of our customers’ accounts, and the launch of the first Domain Name Price Index, IDNX. On August 1st, the biggest change in Sedo’s 10-year history took place when we relaunched the marketplace.
Among all these changes, Q3 2011 saw a total of 9,778 sales globally, amounting to nearly £12,000,000 in sales volume, and an average price of £1,223. Globally, Sedo’s biggest public sale was for €500,000,
but 80% of sales revenue for the quarter consisted of confidential sales.The highest .com sales were for $275,000, and at $200,000. Given the Q2 2011 sale of for $2,500,000—
Sedo’s third-highest sale ever—sales volume remained relatively consistent with the previous quarter. The largest public sale in the UK market alone was at £17,510. Take a closer look at the
performance of the domain market and Sedo’s Domain Marketplace by reviewing our Q3 2011 Domain Market Study.

You can read the entire Maket Study here .

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